Three Things in Sixty Seconds


Putin’s inflation and the United States’ successful handling of inflation and economic shock. But danger exists. Will we chose freedom or autocracy? #energy #inflation #putin #ukraine

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An American Failure – COVID 19

The real situation is that the nation’s healthcare system was overwhelmed and government failed to act effectively and quickly. When healthcare providers cannot obtain even swabs and PPE, there is a massive societal failure. The private sector was never designed to serve this function.

This economy is shut down because the healthcare system failed and was not equipped to handle an upfront surge of patients. America’s enemies note this as well. Now, we have progressed to mass graves. We have no immunity yet. But when bodies start piling up and you are running out of basic supplies, action must be taken. The economy will not recover if customers are afraid to leave their homes and workers are too frightened or fragile to work effectively.

Two failures can be assumed from current results. Just in time management doesn’t work, when under a systemic assault. Stockpiles of vital, yet mundane, materials are costly and must be managed and maintained but they are essential. Along with stockpiles, we cannot hire necessary skilled talent only when we need them because they likely will not exist. For expertise is expensive and costs much to acquire. Investment in people and their needed educational skills is required.

The second failure is the country’s healthcare system itself. Uneven medical coverage and availability handicapped response and increased friction. When the after-action report is written years from now, it will be clear that the entities responsible for public health did not exist in anywhere near the needed numbers and strength. Turns out that public health is not just a safety net issue but a vital national security necessity.