America’s WORST President Aids the Enemy

“American heroes defeated the Nazis, dethroned the fascists, toppled the communists, saved American values, upheld American principles and chased down the terrorists to the very ends of the earth,” Trump said. “We are now in the process of defeating the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters, and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they are doing.”

America’s worst president uttered this attack on the majority of Americans who decry racism in America, support BLM, and oppose police brutality. Why would anyone running for reelection attack his constituents? To distract is one certain answer but another answer is that Donald Trump reeks of fear. Trump remains shuttered in a mental bunker terrified of the people who drove him into the physical bunker.

For his entire life, Trump was sheltered from the repercussions of his mistakes, large and small. Money and the illusion of power always worked to smooth things out. Not this time. The bully who is Trump met his match with the tens of thousands of outraged citizens who appeared outside his home and across the nation. We, the people, have had enough. This frightened Trump to his core. On June 1, he ordered the vicious attack on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square but only after Donald had an army to hide behind.

That attack and use of military force allowed many Americans to see the essential weakness that lie behind Trump’s bully facade. Senator Duckworth labeled Trump well when she called him Cadet Bone Spurs, a moniker now well used by our military. Trump’s bluster is only exceeded by his cowardice. Former Vice President Joe Biden, Speaker Pelosi, countless mayors and other leaders recognized the reasons for the peoples’ rage and actually went out on the streets to meet and speak with them. Meanwhile, Donald Trump remained near his bunker hurling threats and invective while hiding behind his army.

In spite of a pandemic and in a desperate attempt to reclaim his momentum, Trump and his campaign decided to stage a massive Trump rally in Oklahoma, the very heartland of his base. Ever the salesman, Trump hyped his rally continually. In yet another massive failure, Trump’s much hyped hundreds of thousands of attendees never exceeded 7,000 people. Underneath all this action, abuse, and failure lie the never far away pandemic Trump tries to ignore.

The disastrously mishandled COVID-19 pandemic resulting in over 132,000 dead Americans with thousands more sure to follow all but shuttered the American economy. While other nations, addressed COVID-19 with varying degrees of success, Trump appeared unable to effectively act and opposed his scientists and healthcare advisors at nearly every turn while appealing for magical intervention. Other nations succeeded where the United States failed on a scale certain to be studied far into the future.

More Trump bluster:

“Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities,” Trump said. “They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive.”

With some exceptions, the protesters are peaceful and, as well documented by domestic and foreign press, Trump attacked the very peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square with federal forces. Yet, Trump calls them mobs and looters because he greatly fears them, for they are a majority and they are not “weak and soft and submissive”.

As shown in the introductory quotation, a desperate Trump seeks any cause and tells any lie in a desperate attempt to avoid responsibility. His regime has stifled achievement, discovery, and progress in America while plunging millions into deadly disease, poverty, and unprecedented food lines. As with most demagogues, the accusations Trump hurls at others reflect his own dark soul. He is the barbarian and he is inside the gates.

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Dangerous times we live in

Rcooley123's Blog

This appears to me to be headed towards an authoritarian act intent on waging war on the American people – a top/down coup orchestrated by a president bound and determined to have his way and remain in office no matter what he feels he needs to do to retain and extend his power beyond the next election. We don’t need martial law. We do need one who leads rather than dictates – who solves problems rather than trying force everyone else to be content to live lives of increasing desolation and quiet desperation. What will happen if his calls to violent action are allowed to escalate   on a continually increasing.

Trump needs to learn in no uncertain terms that a president is not above the law and will not be permitted to shred the Constitution on a whim. We need a government of, by and for the PEOPLE, not Donald…

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Pandemic After Action Report

The first of the pandemic after action reports is in, along with a clear plan for the future. A long but important read:

“..Relying solely on the market and the private sector to take care of this is a recipe for failure, because in many cases, there will be no viable customer other than the government to fund both the development and the manufacturing process.” via @ForeignAffairs

An American Failure – COVID 19

The real situation is that the nation’s healthcare system was overwhelmed and government failed to act effectively and quickly. When healthcare providers cannot obtain even swabs and PPE, there is a massive societal failure. The private sector was never designed to serve this function.

This economy is shut down because the healthcare system failed and was not equipped to handle an upfront surge of patients. America’s enemies note this as well. Now, we have progressed to mass graves. We have no immunity yet. But when bodies start piling up and you are running out of basic supplies, action must be taken. The economy will not recover if customers are afraid to leave their homes and workers are too frightened or fragile to work effectively.

Two failures can be assumed from current results. Just in time management doesn’t work, when under a systemic assault. Stockpiles of vital, yet mundane, materials are costly and must be managed and maintained but they are essential. Along with stockpiles, we cannot hire necessary skilled talent only when we need them because they likely will not exist. For expertise is expensive and costs much to acquire. Investment in people and their needed educational skills is required.

The second failure is the country’s healthcare system itself. Uneven medical coverage and availability handicapped response and increased friction. When the after-action report is written years from now, it will be clear that the entities responsible for public health did not exist in anywhere near the needed numbers and strength. Turns out that public health is not just a safety net issue but a vital national security necessity.

Up in the Air so Blue


An American Family


When you fly in the military there is a path that you follow.  All do it.   You start as a student flier, earn your wings, become qualified in a certain aircraft, move on as a squadron member, and then if you are proficient, and do well, become an instructor for others.

From there you might become a member of the unit’s Stan Eval shop –or Standards Evaluation – which is the group that annually checks that fliers to make sure they are qualified and certifies their abilities in the air.

It  also should be noted that flying in the military is not just strapping on a fighter and taking off.  There are countless jobs that are done in addition to the primary duty of flying: Administration officer, schedulers, flight commanders, operations officers, supply officer, and the list goes on and on.

And if you are really crazy enough  you become…

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Say Hello to the New Guys


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Recently I watched Band of Brothers.  One episode centered on new men entering Easy Company as replacements after D Day. The men are welcomed with less than enthusiasm and are not sure what to make of it. And I thought as a combat air vet, that is just like I experienced when I joined the 13th TFS shortly after Linebacker II.  I came to my new unit qualified to fly the backseat, but that didn’t me make accepted at first.  The men who joined Easy Company had to prove themselves.   We who came to fighter units did also.  Qualified but not accepted summed it up.

Shortly after my arrival we had a squadron party to bid goodbye to the men leaving and welcome us.  This “Sawadee”  – hello or goodbye in Thai – party was a unit tradition.  The squadron commander got up and said, “Let’s welcome the New Guys (AKA…

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Marie Yovanovitch prepared remarks to Congress

I cannot recommend Ambassador Yovanovitch’s remarks to Congress highly enough. The statement is clear concise and professional. She should be a national hero.

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Opening statement made by Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch before her testimony on Friday, October 11, 2019 to US House of Representative committees conducting hearings to determine whether the full House will impeach President Trump. She was fired from that post, apparently for seeking to defend the Constitution and her oath of office which promised to defend that document and this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Please read this and decide for yourself whether she was, indeed, defending us against enemies BOTH foreign and domestic when she voiced opposition to Trump/Giuliani/Pompeo and their nefarious attempts to strengthen Trump’s prospects for re-election in 2020 by having the government of Ukraine investigate bogus claims to destroy the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Arms for trumped up (what amounts to) an invaluable campaign contribution must not stand. That the White House tried mightily to get her not to…

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The National Socialism of Donald J. Trump

People seem to ignore the fact that Trump is selling national socialism. Dear leader Trump is selecting winners and losers, not the marketplace: certain farmers, Apple, coal, all affected by Trump edicts, not markets.

Racism, Trump has oozed racism since the very beginning, all the way back to refusing to rent to blacks in the NYC housing market to calling for the execution of innocent black children in NY newspaper ads. Similarly, Trump’s abuse of refugees (correct term under US laws) is criminal behavior condoned by Republican members of congress and fellow travelers. People of color seem to be active targets for Trump’s racism.

Trump demonstrably weakens this country on a daily basis. This historic Obama economy trudges on while Trump causes deficits, debt and trade imbalances to soar ever higher in a booming economy. Meanwhile, foreign leaders see Trump and the United States as laughingstocks to be pitied.

The country is stripped of reliable allies. Denying America’s historic role as a nation to be admired and its values worth emulating, Trump forces the United States into unholy associations with dictators, murderers, and failing nations. Russia, for but one example, has an economy smaller than that of Italy.

People are correct to be wary of a turn toward socialism but that socialism is the national socialism Trump is selling and Putin has sold. As Mueller’s congressional testimony proved, Trump embraced campaign assistance from a hostile foreign power, Russia, and Trump clearly committed obstruction of justice. No president should be above the law; however, the Republicans in the Senate and Attorney General Barr claim otherwise. Our founders are rolling in their graves. Trump is no patriot and could well be a traitor.

Trump and his cronies are looting the government. Trump benefits financially from every visit to and golf game at his properties. The unsupportable tax cuts and government stimulus benefit Trump and the 1% daily while running up vast debt that the taxpayers must pay. Our social and physical infrastructure continue to decay rapidly and our military lacks required training and even basic living quarters while unit cohesion is being ripped asunder by Trump attacks on minority troops and deportation of military spouses.

Trump acts like a fascist attacking minorities; attacking the free press while disseminating fake news as again proven by the Mueller investigation. Trump attacks freedom of religion and has personally condemned Muslims, Catholics following their Pope, and people of conscience while claiming to restore Christianity to its rightful place in America. This religion Trump and his Evangelicals sell is a form of Fake Christianity which denies the very message of Jesus Christ.

Trump attacks education denying science and basic human rights. All one can conclude based upon all this information is that Trump not only acts like a fascist but he and his cronies are fascists. There is no hate here but rather disgust and a firm determination to restore the founders’ values and hope for a United States that:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

These are not the goals of the fascist Donald J. Trump

Flying the F4 in the North – Alaska

A tale to tell…

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From 1974-1978 I flew intercepts of Soviet bombers off the coast of Alaska in the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II fighter. I had arrived in Alaska fresh from a combat tour in Thailand, where I flew missions over Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Flying in Alaska was very different, but more on that later .

The importance of Alaska to the defense of America, dated back to when the U.S. Army Air Corps sent Billy Mitchell there in 1901 to supervise the construction of the Washington- Alaska telegraph system. From this Mitchell came to appreciate strategic importance of the territory. Over the 73 years since Mitchell, there had been a major buildup of military forces in the state. The Cold War engaged America and the U.S.S.R. around the world. They met also at the top of America. F-4 Phantom Landing in Alaska

When I arrived in 1974, the Air Force had…

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