Cawthorn: youthful folly or fully matured idiocy?

A poster child for the extremist and fascist Republican Party: “This Eddie Haskell of the Mar-a-lago and Bedminster pilgrimages is a key foot soldier in the attack on truth and the spread of disinformation that is tearing this country apart.”
Note: Eddie Haskell was a 50s TV character noted for creepy insincerity.

scratch margin

When the 25-year-old James Madison did not sign the Declaration of Independence, and when the rest of the Founding Fathers (never the Founding Mothers) that NC-11 Rep. Madison Cawthorn constantly evokes created the Constitution, the average life expectancy in the newly created U.S. was 38 years, give or take. So the minimum age of 25 for Congress, as per the 1787 Constitution, assumed an entirely different life experience than that of today. The equivalent age today, factoring the change in life span of 78 years, would be 51. Which is to say that Cawthorn needs another 26 years before he can approach anything resembling the maturity needed to be a Congressman. Or from another mathematical angle, a John or Abigail Adams would deem Cawthorn’s maturity level to be approximately that of an 11-year-old child.

Thank God I wasn’t a Congressman in my twenties. Not that I wanted to be…

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