Say Hello to the New Guys


An American Family

Recently I watched Band of Brothers.  One episode centered on new men entering Easy Company as replacements after D Day. The men are welcomed with less than enthusiasm and are not sure what to make of it. And I thought as a combat air vet, that is just like I experienced when I joined the 13th TFS shortly after Linebacker II.  I came to my new unit qualified to fly the backseat, but that didn’t me make accepted at first.  The men who joined Easy Company had to prove themselves.   We who came to fighter units did also.  Qualified but not accepted summed it up.

Shortly after my arrival we had a squadron party to bid goodbye to the men leaving and welcome us.  This “Sawadee”  – hello or goodbye in Thai – party was a unit tradition.  The squadron commander got up and said, “Let’s welcome the New Guys (AKA…

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